A new passion for i<3D

i<3D has found new purpose and life in the Republic Of Conscience – living a colourful life in 3 Dimensions – not flat.

i<3DI LOVE living in 3 Dimesions” has even more meaning today than it did when we started… L.O.V.E. refers to living a Lifestyle Of Voluntary Effort (^_^)_\!/ something we all do, when we look after our family, our friends and the communities where we live.

Feel free to join us in the Republic Of Conscience, wherever you are… www.bisgit.org/roc and learn about How the Blockchain Saved the World_\!/ 

Expert, intelligent coders can also discover a practical, meaningful i<3D lifestyle at Special Ops SDG Hackathons www.SDGhackathon.com around the world (^_^)_\!/

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