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If you are interested in becoming a CREATOR of 3D models, bringing IDEAS into 3 Dimensional Reality – Let’s work together at the Sino-Sustainability Center

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We are looking for 3D Printer Manufacturers

We are looking for 3D Printer Manufacturers to Showcase and DEMONSTRATE their products and act as a Sales and Training “Workshop” for aspiring MAKERS in Beijing.

3D Printers Below are Products of Beijing TierTime Technology Co. Ltd.  founded in 2003, and grown to be the leader of RP and 3D printing industry in China.

Gao_AninaNET_MG_4772Mr. Gao of TierTime and Anina of 360Fashion Network Anina.NET

Rapid Prototyping (RP) and 3D printing  describes the technology that can fabricate physical objects directly from CAD 3D data sources, with any geometric complexity or intricacy, from various materials. RP and 3D printing have been widely recognized as means to reduce time to market in manufacturing, to better understand and communicate product designs, and to make rapid tooling to manufacture those products. 3D Printing is even entering the ART WORLD, bringing the imagination into sharable, tangible 3 dimensions.

TierTime RP and 3D printing products are mainly based on advanced MEM technology, “Melted and Extruded Modeling” developed at Beijing’s Tsinghua University in the 1980’s.

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