About i<3D

About i<3D:

“I am less than 3D” … well not really – maybe better defined -I am within 3Dimensional reality. I “Heart” (love) 3D.


…what is i<3D about?:

iHeart3D is a channel of exploration and exchange between China and the world of 3D.

Connecting the World's Largest 3D Markets


Made-for-TV Webisodes Featuring Technology, Thinking & Lifestyle, i<3D (I love 3D / I heart 3D) is a combination reality talkshow / commentary / how-to / documentary / variety review / news show that goes beyond shallow, superficial promotion and gets to the depth and significance of a new industry where China is becoming a world leader.
The i<3D show includes product reviews, interviews, “How 3D Works” and the economic impact of the emerging, new “3D Economy”.

Co-Hosted by concept creator and 3D proponent Philip McMaster, i<3D explores how 3 Dimensional Technologies enhance our virtual entertainment experiences, how education and thinking in 3 Dimensions balances and improves our minds, and how fully participating in a Mindful 3 Dimensional reality will keep us healthy and happy into the future.
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